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COR™ can be a hefty task, especially if you need your resources allocated elsewhere.

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COR™ is rapidly becoming a requirement to bid on projects by large organizations such as Metrolinkx, GTAA, TTC, Infrastructure Ontario, York region, City of Brampton, City of Milton, and City of Toronto. To help you become COR™ certified, we have come up with our Complete COR™ Service.

Here are the components of our Complete COR™ Service, guaranteed to get you COR™ certified:cor-processcr

Gap Analysis

We start off with a Gap Analysis. This is where we look at your current health and safety program, your policies and procedures and how they compare to the COR™ standard. The Gap Analysis serves as a roadmap to achieving COR™ compliance by highlighting where the gaps exist and the areas you need to focus on.

Hazard Assessment

A critical component to meeting the COR™ standard is having a hazard assessment done for your business. During the hazard assessment phase, we assess your current workplace environment and workflow – from start to finish – and identify all the points of risk. With this laid out, it is clear what policies, procedures and training that should be required for each checkpoint to ensure due diligence. This will be compiled into a report which will be used in your work manual.

Program Implementation

After the hazard assessment, we are now ready to develop your program. Your policies and procedures will be updated to meet the COR™ standard while being entirely customized to your unique work environment. The Health and Safety Manual will be compiled and organized in accordance to the COR™ elements – for easy verification. All the necessary training will be administered as a part of the implementation with the primary focus of embracing the health and safety culture.


4SafeCom™ is a highly-customizable, device-independent¹ online safety management system that helps management teams keep track of employee training completion, storing the certificates of each employee in an easily accessible format. The system tracks equipment & facility inspections and reports, which management will easily benefit. 4SafeCom™ also handles administrative functions such as time off requests, accident reports and claims management. 4SafeCom™ users also benefit from our in-house consultants and developers who are consistently looking out for changes to the occupational health and safety laws and ensuring your online training library is up-to-date with the latest legislated training.  

4SafeCom™ is a complete solution for sustaining your health and safety program, which is a key component to maintaining COR™ compliance.

Internal Audit Submission

We will train and assist your internal auditor to prepare all the required documentation and supporting information for your internal audit submission. This is a very crucial and time intensive stage of the COR™ certification process. We will help you prepare for all the interviews and ensure you pass all the requirements.


We at 4S Consulting Services believe safety should be embraced as a part of a company’s corporate culture. That is the only way to reduce risk and ensure your employees get home to their loved ones every night. The idea of COR™ compliance truly promotes this philosophy. To ensure that you are doing the necessary work to embrace this philosophy, an internal audit is required every year to see where the company stands in order to receive a Letter of Good Standing. During the monitoring phase, we monitor the health and safety program, meeting with the team periodically to help improve your program and ensure that the company as a whole embraces the safety culture.


¹ System works on an HTML5 platform. Any browser that can run HTML5 can work with our system – as opposed to device dependant apps.

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