When does your safety management software work for your business?

When does your safety management software work for your business?

Safety management software have indeed become a boon for businesses. They not only save time and money, but also help improve staff productivity. That said, as a business, you need to understand what your safety management system must be able to do to be effective.

When you evaluate a safety management software for your business, you need to look for some key attributes. If the software is capable of exhibiting those attributes, then you have made a good and wise choice. If not, you are shooting in the dark. Thus, by the time you find out the ineffectiveness of your software, you might have invested heavy time and money.

Therefore, be wise and not otherwise! As a business, ensure you thoroughly evaluate your safety management software before choosing one. Written by experienced ISO 45001:2018 Lead Auditors and IHSA External COR Auditors, this whitepaper intends to provide you with high-end guidelines and requirements you need to look into while choosing a safety management software. It’s time to make a well-informed decision.

6 reasons to have one….

MANAGE your OHS program real-time

INTEGRATE your hazard assessment

TRAIN your staff online & save time

INSPECT your workplace online TRACK continuous improvement

TRACK continuous improvement

MONITOR your OHS stats live


What do you need to look for in your safety management software?

Integrating your hazard assessment

Hazard assessment is the foundation of your health and safety (H&S) program. The first feature that your software must exhibit is the capability of integrating your program and business process flow. Your procedures matrix, training matrix, workplace inspections, and PPE matrix all flow from your hazard assessment. Therefore, it’s apparent that your safety management software must be capable of integrating each of these respective components of your program.

A well-integrated H&S program using a safety management software ensures that the training courses, job hazard assessments (JHAs), policies & procedures, workplace inspections, PPE, etc. are auto-assigned according to the hazard exposures identified. Thus, you don’t need to invest in a safety resource to do the same. In fact, you can better utilize the time of your safety resource.

Facilitating easy training of employees

Health and safety training is crucial when on-boarding & orientating new employees, and as part of the ongoing requirements of existing employees. As a business, the crucial question you must ask yourself is ‘Does your safety management software make training management easy? Training management includes three major components – assigning & completing the training, monitoring training compliance, and maintaining records.

An ideal safety software would provide your employees with the access to a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS). Your software must facilitate easier process of assigning, completing, record management, and compliance monitoring. Remember, if it is not easy, it will not work well with your staff. Also, check if your software makes it easy for you to get your employees to review and acknowledge your policies, JHAs, procedures, etc. with a time stamp. Remember, your software must make managing mandatory, onboarding, and ongoing training easy.

Managing workplace inspections and investigations

Your online safety management software must support your JHSC members/H&S representative and supervisors in conducting their regular workplace inspections. It should have an easy-to-use interface to allow your employees to fill out and submit forms and checklists easily using tablets and smartphones. Ensure it has a module to input and track JHSC meeting minutes, safety talks, and other management meetings. Your software should facilitate easier storage and anytime access of safety checklist records.

Check if your software allows you to take a picture, mark hazard/s found during inspection, geo-tag the location, sign-off the report, and submit it online. Your software should ensure easy and effective tracking of progress on corrective actions identified in your workplace inspections in a timely manner. Moreover, check if it provides you with real-time alerts on the progress of the corrective actions. That’s crucial to ensure you are maintaining due diligence, and for proving it.

Facilitating easy tracking for continuous improvement

Your supervisors must be able to immediately see what’s happening in their area of the company, including safety information. This will help them better manage all the safety-related issues. Hence, your safety management software must have easy-to-use online dashboards helping your supervisors and safety managers focus on resolving outstanding issues rather than just compiling information. Continuous improvement is all about tracking, learning, and improving.

Safety management software play a pivotal role in implementing this process effectively driving you towards a sustainable safety culture. Does your software help your safety managers or any supervisor to see what is happening with each of their employees training records and inspections? That helps in staying on top of training compliance.

Moreover, your software must have dashboards that clearly specify corrective actions pending, those already implemented, inspection forms filled out, forms pending, to-do items assigned, pending, and those implemented. Your software must enable your team to assess items that need escalation and monitor status of issues being brought up in meetings. As senior and middle managers, you need your software to show you actionable stats for well-informed decision-making.

What do OHS Management System Auditors Say?

“As an External Auditor, when I go to audit an OHS Management System, COR, ISO 45001, or any system, when an employer shows me a software that easily shows training compliance, inspections, tracking of action items identified, corrective actions, JHSC meeting minutes, and staff acknowledgement of policies, procedures, JHAs with date stamps, I know there is a sustainable system in place. That’s a good starting point for the audit, and makes auditing that much quicker and easier for me.”

– Sobi Ragunathan, Vice President, Consulting & Training, 4S Consulting
IHSA External COR Auditor, ISO 45001:2018 Lead Auditor


You will be surprised to see the extent to which an effective safety management software can influence your organization’s safety culture. All of us know the influence of smartphones and social media on all aspects of our lives. Today’s emerging culture is heavily dependent on technology. The same applies to the corporate culture in your organization.

If technology is not a part of your processes, how would you build and reinforce your corporate culture? You are going to fall behind some day. From your health and safety program perspective, online safety management software are increasingly becoming a key component of developing and creating a sustainable safety culture.

Today, the market offers various software options. However, as External Auditors, we recommend you to check if your software allows you to set up and maintain your program by allowing you to monitor all aspects of it real-time. There are three main areas in your health and safety program where safety management software can make a difference.

These include training, consistent capturing of data, and monitoring activities. Please note that these three areas need to be in harmony for you to maximize your health and safety investment. Choose a software that helps you achieve this end.


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