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During a complimentary site visit, our occupational health and safety consultants learn about your workplace, review your existing occupational health and safety measures, and update you on health and safety issues relevant to your specific industry. In case you are pursuing COR certification offered by Infrastructure Health and Safety Association, our consultants can conduct a COR gap analysis, which can help you assess where you currently are in terms of achieving COR certification and what you need to do to accomplish COR accreditation successfully.

Remember, health and safety is an ongoing process. That’s why, at 4S Consulting, we constantly strive to help our clients BE in compliance and STAY in compliance. We make the health and safety program of our clients LIVE through an online health and safety management system. Thus, our clients can evaluate, assess, control, and manage risks much more effectively. Their program will not be person-dependent. Moreover, online management systems will help them perform due diligence easily and effectively.

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