Our Process


Our methodology is designed to uncover specific gaps or needs related to occupational health and safety, and provide the necessary program, services, tools and resources.

step1The first step is a physical inspection of your workplace where we gain a greater understanding of your business and the tasks that take place. We look at your current program, and identify areas of risk that could leave your staff vulnerable and your company exposed to penalties and fines. Together we discuss recommended compliance solutions so you have a clear picture of what needs to happen next.
step2Hazard/Task Safety Analysis applies a systemized process to assess the job hazards and the severity of workplace injury and/or illness as it relates tasks that take place. A business flow analysis identifies and tracks each step, the conditions of each job function and behaviour of your workers. Your management receives a summary document that contains recommendations for program design, control measures, and training needed to meet all legal requirements.
step3Implementation begins with a site specific Occupational Health and Safety Procedures Manual based on provincial or federal law. We prepare all online or in-class training for your employees/contractors customized with your company brand, specific procedures and language requirements. At this phase, you may choose specific services or ask us to implement the entire package: manual, training and online program management.
step4Ongoing evaluation is critical so you can measure, validate, plan and sustain the performance of your OHS program. 4S Compliance Audits evaluate your safety program whenever you need a third-part analysis, based on what an inspector would look for should an audit take place in the near future. 4S compliance audits can be used with any Occupational Health and Safety program.
step5Once your program is in place, our online management program, 4Safecom, ensures that your program is continually communicated, managed and updated as regulations change, your staff/contractors and business needs evolve. The program automatically adds new tasks and sends monitoring alerts when new hazards or staff is added. As required, employees are assigned training and procedures. The program also provides a central source for all employee training records, reminders and references.

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