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Don’t have a health and safety manual? Or need has your existing one been buried in so much dust that it’s not relevant anymore?

Have no worries – 4S Consulting Services is here to help. We will work with you to create a new customized health and safety manual that is specified for your specific case – or spruce up your existing health and safety manual to be relevant to today’s regulations on health and safety.

Undoubtedly we advise to take more steps than just a health and safety manual. The manual is of no use if your health and safety program isn’t alive. But having a health and safety manual is definitely a start in the right direction.

We advise you to get a Hazard Assessment done and the recommendations from the assessment attended to. This way you ensure all potential hazards from all operations of your business is covered and addressed – so that if any situation springs up, you are prepared to handle the challenge.

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