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The Ministry of Labour (MOL) has approved 4S Consulting as a training provider to deliver the approved JHSC Blended Program. We are excited and proud to say that we are among the first approved providers of the blended program. 

You can now save a day by taking the Joint Health and Safety Certification with 4S Consulting. With the blended JHSC program, you can now take Day 1 of Part 1 of the training online at your convenience.

To uphold the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Ontario has made a requirement that there should be personnel within the workforce of a company that are handle health and safety matters. These individuals are not solely responsible for the health and safety program but are seen as the driving force to ensure a safe and secure environment.

The following figure, from the Ministry of Labour website details the number of JHSC members you need based off the size of your company.

No. of Workers Legislative requirement
1-5 You are not required to have a JHSC or a health and safety representative
unless a designated substance regulation applies to your workplace.
6-19 You are required to have one health and safety representative who is selected
by the workers they represent. If a designated substance regulation applies to your workplace,
you are required to have a JHSC.
20-49 You are required to have a JHSC. The committee must have at least two (2) members.
50+ You are required to have a JHSC. The committee must have at least four (4) members.

4S Consulting Services offer a Ministry-Approved JHSC course. Focusing on occupational health and safety legislation for all Canadian jurisdictions, this course is designed for Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee members to provide guidance to fulfill their duties and responsibilities as committee members and will provide reference for all applicable legislative act, regulation and code of all provinces as well as the rights, duties, responsibilities and liabilities of a committee member. It is a fundamental training for all JHSC members and health and safety representatives. It is designed to give the JHSC member the training they need to uphold the safety culture of the company.

Contact us if you would like public or private JHSC training.

Here are the latest confirmed dates of upcoming public JHSC training. Please refer often as dates are subject to change. us if you would like to join.

Each session will be:

TIME: 8:30am - 5:00pm
JHSC Certification Training Part 1 & 2: $865 - SAVE $10 when you pay for both parts together = $855+HST

JHSC Certification Training Part 1: $480+HST

JHSC Certification Training Part 2: $385+HST

JHSC for HRPA 2018 participants $695 + HST for Part 1 & 2:(Must enter promo code received in your email to get discounted price)

JHSC Certification Training Part 1 Blended $445 + HST
Please select one of the following sessions that best suits your availability


*Please note that the session is subject to rescheduling if there are less than 6 participants registered for this session. Participants will be notified one week prior to the session should a rescheduling occur. Participants may only reschedule once and they must provide a 48 hour notice prior to the session. Full charges will apply for rescheduling more than once, informing of change in attendance after the 48 hour grace period and no-shows.
Please note that your response to this question helps us best serve you with timely information and updates on occupational health and safety

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