The Supervisor’s Responsibilities

The supervisor plays a critical role in OHS. In this course we cover all the necessary definitions of the workplace parties and then examine the duties of supervisors in detail. The OHS Act has a very broad definition of who can be a supervisor – all kinds of people may, to some degree, be a “supervisor”. What does it mean to have “authority” over a worker or “be in charge” of a workplace? In turns out that a person may have supervisory duties towards workers who are not even employees.

Each of the duties in section 27 of the OHS Act is taken apart and put back together again. Which duties need the regulations to give them meaning and which duties stand alone? The regulation-independent duties may be more difficult to interpret but they are powerful because of their breadth.

The most important supervisor duty is the general duty to be duly diligent. Many supervisors think all they have to do is make sure the regulations and the company rules are being complied with. The general duty clause for supervisors takes thing to a very high level – when does the supervisor have to be creative and come up with reasonable precautions to protect workers that go beyond existing rules and procedures?

A duty almost as broad as the general due diligence duty is the open-ended “duty to tell” that the supervisor has – the duty to make workers aware of any dangers the supervisor is aware of. A tricky duty is the simple obligation to ensure that workers are working in compliance with the regulations. This is why supervisors need to know the relevant parts of the regulations intimately. Many supervisors haven’t taken that extra step of reading the regulations with a fine-tooth comb. This course sets the foundation for the many due diligence activities that supervisors must engage in so as to drive down risk in the workplace.

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