Participation III

This course builds on the first Right to Participate course. In this course we are ignoring the single Health & Safety representative and focusing on the Joint Health and Safety Committee, normally found in workplaces with 20 or more workers. We know who the worker and management reps on the Committee should be and how many of them there should be. In this course, we want to know what the powers and duties of the Committee are. Very importantly, we want to distinguish between the functions of the worker representatives on the Committee and the Committee as a whole. This distinction is often over-looked.

The Committee doesn’t manage OHS on behalf of everyone; its role is consultative and advisory. The worker reps have their own duties – it’s the worker rep who is supposed to do the monthly workplace inspection, not the whole Committee. It’s the worker rep, not the whole Committee who is required to attend at the scene when there is a serious accident. The worker rep, and the not the Committee as a whole, has a role to play in how an unsafe work refusal is handled.

How is the employer supposed to respond to a recommendation by the Committee? We examine the recent addition of the power of a Co-Chair to independently make a recommendation to the employer when the Committee as a whole fails to do so. How is the worker representative on the Committee supposed to respond to an Order by the Ministry of Labour Inspector? Why is it that a worker representative is required to be present in most cases when the Inspector is in the workplace? We also examine the requirements for the workplace parties to assist the Committee and its members, as well as the question of whether the Committee members could ever be liable for how they carry out their duties. This course is a comprehensive review of the many roles and functions of the Committee and its members.

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