Participation I

The worker’s right to participate in OHS is mainly about the right to have someone take the worker’s concerns and champion them – it is primarily a right to representation. There are two main types of worker representatives and they are often mixed up. When does a workplace need a single Health and Safety representative and when does it need a Joint Health and Safety Committee with both worker reps and management reps? In this course we sift through all the possible combinations. This course covers the issues involved in setting up a properly structured Committee and putting in place the right kind of worker Health and Safety representative. Many of their activities – powers and duties – are covered in the next two courses.

What is the special situation for construction projects? What happens if there’s a designated substance in the workplace? Organizations with many different locations can end up with a fairly complex mix of worker representatives and Committees.

Who can be a worker rep on a Committee and who does the worker rep represent? How is the worker rep selected in union and non-union workplaces? What is the correct proportion of worker and management reps on a Committee, and how are union and non-union workers both accommodated? What is the effect of a Ministry of Labour order as to Committee structure, particularly for multi-location organizations? This course should clear up confusion about how the worker’s OHS concerns can be addressed through proper representation.

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