Due Diligence I

When it comes to OHS, everyone in the workplace, no exception, needs to understand what due diligence is and isn’t. This course is the foundation of subsequent courses where due diligence specific to the employer, supervisors, managers, senior people and front-line workers is spelled out. The various expressions of “reasonable care” for the protection of workers are examined. What does the word “reasonable” really mean and who decides what’s “reasonable”? What would the “reasonable person” do in your circumstances? Who is the “reasonable peer”?due_dil_1-2

A half dozen common myths about due diligence are debunked. What is the connection between due diligence and documentation? How can documentation betray you? What does it mean to say that due diligence is objective rather than subjective (as many people believe)?

Due diligence has a number of roles, the two most important being due diligence as a legal defence should you be prosecuted, and due diligence as a general duty that goes far beyond the regulations. This course contains the clearest descriptions you’ll find on what due diligence truly means.

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