Manual material handling

Improper handling and storage of materials results in significant costs to Canadians each year and not just financial ones. The implications can be life threatening and they affect everyone in the workplace.

This course focuses on the basic elements of safe and proper manual material handling. Identifying and reducing the risk of workplace injury due to improper handling of materials has never been more important. Manual material handling training will help develop an understanding of the basic elements of safe handling, back care, and the tasks that can potentially cause injuries.

Understanding the long and short term health and financial risks are essential in planning effective workplace injury prevention programs.

Number of EmployeePrice for each employee
1 to 10$ 35.95
11 to 20$ 32.95
21 to 50$ 30.95
50 to 100$ 25.95
101 to 200$ 20.95
201 to 500$ 15.95
500+$ 10.95

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