IHSA COR certification in Ontario

IHSA COR certification in Ontario is a three-year program

The Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) is the registrar for COR in Ontario. It is important to note that IHSA is the only approved provider (registrar) of COR certification in Ontario.

For the COR certification program, IHSA has 19 elements

Every company must pay close attention to each element to do well during the COR audit process. These elements pertain to different key areas of occupational health and safety.

IHSA COR certification can be achieved successfully by any organization only if:

  • It performs and successfully completes the internal maintenance audits in year 2 and 3
  • Complies with the terms and conditions of COR set by the IHSA

The Infrastructure Health and Safety Association issues a Letter of Good Standing for each year. This certifies that the company has maintained 19 training elements and audit standards. Moreover, in year 4, the organization must reapply for the IHSA COR certification. This is largely because health and safety is an ongoing process with COR certification.

The first step for gaining COR certification is to register with the IHSA. Next, you must train a worker to be your internal auditor. Moreover, you must train a management representative to take ownership of the COR certification program. You need to take the COR Essentials and Internal Auditor Training that the IHSA provides. Next, you need to prepare and submit the Internal Audit. You have to score more than 80% and min 65% on each of the elements. Further, you need to score 100% on all the legislated requirements.

Depending on where you are, IHSA COR program can take 6 to 18 months to prepare. Moreover, IHSA takes around 60 days to respond. Once the IHSA reviews and accepts your internal audit, it will provide you with the audit date. It is approximately 3 -6 months from the acceptance of Internal Audit.


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