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4S Consulting has partnered with GTHA to provide their members with 4SafeCom™ Safety Training and Management System for managing their Occupational Health and Safety program easily, effectively, and efficiently.

4SafeCom™ is a highly configurable, online safety training and management system. Employers are increasingly finding it as a crucial part of their business operations. 4SafeCom™ seamlessly integrates into the workflow of your business, allowing safety to be implemented and integrated easily into the day-to-day functions of the business.


4SafeCom™ is THE tool to bring your safety program alive

When we say alive, it is a criteria as impactful as quality control and efficiency. It is dynamic and responsive to the changing environment and regulations. It is not dependent on any one person; it functions with or without the health and safety manager.


Why 4SafeCom™ Safety Training and Management System?

Our online management tool, 4SafeCom™, keeps your program and training requirements current as regulations are updated, and staff and business needs change.


Here’s what 4SafeCom™ can do for you:


Online training with the access to over 80 courses in multiple languages

4SafeCom™ hosts more than 80 online training courses for occupational health and safety in multiple languages. Thus, you can not only get your workers to do the mandatory courses online, but also get them to do many other online courses as part of your continuous training and development program.


Employee management

4SafeCom™ allows you to manage employees’ OHS information through user-friendly dashboards. Access employee’s records, perform advance search, add a new employee profile, and much more. 4SafeCom™ allows to you print out the Form 7 by pre-filling most of the key areas required under Form 7.


Incidents and claims management

The incidents/claims management module of 4SafeCom™ allows your staff to report incidents/accidents through easy-to-use forms from their mobile or any device with an Internet browser. Your supervisors/managers receive the incident reports faster and can print out the pre-filled Form 7, which saves precious HR time.

Create and manage your Job Hazard analysis and Safe Job Procedures (SJPs)   

4SafeCom™ allows you to integrate your Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) with the system, so that you can auto assign the required trainings to your staff for minimum compliance. You can get your staff to read and acknowledge your JHAs. Safe Job Procedures while getting a timestamp, which is crucial for proving OHS due diligence.


Workplace Inspections

4SafeCom™ can be used by your staff to fill out and submit workplace inspections forms, checklists, and hazard reports, by getting them signed off by the respective authorized persons. Assign to-do items and track progress of key action items through the inspections dashboard for ensuring continuous improvement.



Get weekly or bi-weekly training matrix of all the courses

4SafeCom™ can be configured to send out a weekly or bi-weekly training matrix of all your workers. This allows to plan your overall training requirements much more efficiently for all your workers. Thus, you will be able to manage your due diligence with regards to training requirements better.



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