COVID-19 Awareness Online Training

COVID-19 Awareness Online Training for Employers and Employees (complementary)

In the current scenario where COVID-19 is taking the world into its grip, authorities, public, companies, employees, and everyone continue their staunch efforts to stop this virus from spreading.

Employers are looking for help from all corners to ensure their workers are safe at work. Moreover, this is where our role as an expert health and safety consultant becomes all the more important in supporting Canadian employers.

In our constant endeavor to support Canadian businesses to help them protect their employees from COVID-19, we have created 2 awareness based online training modules – employer and employee versions. In today’s scenario, where correct and timely information plays a huge role, our COVID-19 awareness online training will help create the right COVID-19 awareness for employers and employees.

We understand that the fluidity of this pandemic means new information is available everyday. Therefore, we will be releasing timely periodic updates of this awareness online training. Hence, we will ensure that we keep you informed on changes as they happen. In fact, this is our way to show our commitment to your safety.

COVID 19 Awareness (sample)

COVID-19 awareness online training – Employer’s Version

The employer’s online training module will give you a complete picture of what you need to do as an employer in these testing circumstances. What’s more, the training helps you understand what your COVID-19 policy must cover, which includes personal protective equipment (PPE) and workplace sanitation. Furthermore, it can help you understand what you need to do in case one of your workers is displaying symptoms or has a recent travel history.

Here’s what the employer’s COVID-19 awareness training covers: 

  • What you need to do as an employer?
  • Creating office policies to manage COVID-19, which includes Personal Protective Equipment and sanitation
  • Strategies to work remotely where possible
  • Minimize unnecessary travel
  • Self-isolation if displaying symptoms or in case of recent travel
  • Impact of government policies
  • Who should an employer contact for help?

COVID-19 awareness online training – Employee’s Version

The employee’s online training module will help you understand what COVID-19 is and who is at risk. Moreover, the training helps your employees understand how COVID-19 spreads. In fact, after taking the training, your employees will be in a much better position to understand the symptoms of COVID-19. Therefore, they will know what to do if they are experiencing some of the symptoms. Furthermore, one of the best things about the training is that it helps your employees understand how they can prevent COVID-19 from spreading. Further, the training will help them understand what to do at work if they have symptoms or know someone who has the symptoms or have come in contact with someone who has the symptoms.

Here’s what the employee’s COVID-19 awareness training covers: 

  • What is COVID-19?
  • Who is at risk?
  • How can it spread?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • What to do if you have the symptoms?
  • How you can prevent it?
  • What to do at work, if you have symptoms or know someone who has the symptoms or have come in contact with someone who has the symptoms?


Here’s how you can get started with this complimentary training for yourself and your employees:

For existing 4S clients:

Please contact your 4S Project Coordinator or Project Manager


Send an inquiry email to training@4sconsult.com

For other Canadian businesses:


To self-register and follow the 4Steps mentioned below:

STEP 1 – Register online as an employer

Click Here and fill out your Employer Registration mandatory information.

STEP 2 – Choose your sector

Choose your sector from the drop down list & click on submit.

STEP 3 – Share the employer code with your team

After you complete your registration, you will receive an Employer Code that will be sent to the email you used for registration. This email will need to be shared with your employees for User Registration in STEP 4. You will also be receiving another email with self-registration instructions that you will need to share with your employees and subcontractors.

STEP 4 – Employees’ user registration

Ask your employees to CLICK HERE and fill out the required information in the User Registration tab to sign up for the COVID-19 training. They will need to enter the Employer Code you sent them by email to complete the registration.

That’s it! You are done with self-registration.

  1. Once your employees complete STEP 4, 4SafeCom™ will automatically direct them to the assigned training
  2. They will need to take the training and acknowledge it at the end

In case you are experiencing any difficulty logging in or have a question, write to training@4sconsult.com

Click on 4S Covid-19 Training Self-Registration Instructions to download the PDF of the instruction manual.


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