IRS & Supervisor’s Responsibilities

The Supervisor’s Responsibilities

The supervisor plays a critical role in OHS. In this course we cover all the necessary definitions of the workplace parties and then examine the duties of supervisors in detail. The OHS Act has a very broad definition of who can be a supervisor – all kinds of people may, to some degree, be a “supervisor”. What does it mean to have “authority” over a worker or “be in charge” of a workplace? In turns out that a person may have supervisory duties towards workers who are not even employees.

The Internal Responsibility System:The Fundamentals For Officers and Senior

Managers This course is directed at officers and senior managers, and focuses on their individual responsibilities in the internal responsibility system. Our goal in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is to get risk as low as we reasonably can, so as to go for longer and longer periods of time without a fatality, injury or illness. Getting to zero risk is an impossibility, but getting to zero harm for long periods of time is possible.

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