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Occupational Health and Safety Advisory

4S Consulting Services was formed by two consultants in 2004. Based at Toronto in Ontario, 4S Consulting designs and implements a “LIVE” customized Occupational Health and Safety program, which will help you create a safe work environment for your workers while following all the regulatory compliance requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. CLICK HERE for reading blogs on Occupational Health and Safety.

An OHS program is required by law in Canada, but setting up a program is only the first step. Every company is vulnerable each time regulations change or when a company adds or removes staff or changes business needs. The advisory services and technology used by 4S Consulting helps in creating a live program and training mechanism for a company by keeping the company compliant through ongoing management. CLICK HERE to check our training catalog.

If you are pursuing COR certification in Ontario, 4S can be your COR-support partner that can help you from start-to-finish to achieve the IHSA COR certification. Our online health and safety management and sub-contractor management system make the COR process much easier for you while helping you with due diligence. 4S Consulting is an independent advisory company and an Ontario Ministry of Labour-approved training provider. KNOW MORE about COR. We also conduct frequent BREAKFAST SEMINARS on how to COR compliant in Ontario.

The company directs all its efforts towards ensuring that its assessments and advice provided to clients is from the point of view of ensuring that the company is protected through due diligence while ensuring that programs and training mechanisms are set up correctly and managed properly. Online health and safety management system offered by 4S Consulting particularly suit small-to-medium sized, and multi-location, Ontario-based organizations. 4S Consulting’s clients include public and private entities in sectors such as municipalities, pharmaceutical, healthcare, recruitment, energy (wind power), retail, food and beverage, auto, entrepreneurship, broadcasting, trucking, construction, industrial, and software.

Look at some of the sectors we serve:

  • Large independently owned trucking company
  • One of the largest auto companies in Canada
  • Pipeline construction company
  • Large broadcast provider
  • Canada-wide student enterprise
  • Coast to coast Canadian healthcare provider
  • One of the largest recruitment companies in the world


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