5 ways to make the COR process in Ontario easier

Many companies perceive COR process in Ontario to be difficult and tedious. We believe in making COR easier to achieve through the use of efficient tools and techniques. Of course, we cannot ignore the role played by expert consultants who help you right through your COR journey.

5 ways to make the COR process in Ontario easier

5 ways to make the COR process in Ontario easier

Getting help from expert COR consultants will surely make the COR process in Ontario smoother and easier for you. In fact, here are 5 ways to make your COR journey effective right from start to-finish:

Performing a detailed COR Gap Analysis will help you with a clear roadmap

Gap analysis is always a good point to start your COR journey. Moreover, it tells you exactly where you stand currently with regards to COR. Further, it provides you with the vital roadmap for where need to be to achieve COR certification successfully.

We recommend you involve an experienced third-party COR consultant in Ontario to do the gap analysis. First, this helps you create a strong due diligence document. Second, the analysis will be free of personal prejudices and bias owing to the involvement of a third-party consultant. Furthermore, COR consultants will provide you with vital recommendations to fill the gaps in your program to achieve COR.

Equipping yourself with all the necessary tools to be in compliance, stay in compliance

In today’s dynamic business world, change in the only thing that is constant. Needless to say, you need to keep pace with the technological developments to maintain your competitive edge. Therefore, don’t be afraid of adopting newer technologies and tools for achieving COR. These include online safety management systems and training tools. Please note, these will only make the COR process in Ontario smoother and easier for you. Technology is out there to help you. Therefore, use it under expert guidance.

Making your health and safety program come ALIVE through online systems

A strong health and safety management system is one of the major requirements for COR certification. Therefore, consider using options such as online safety training and management systems. These, along with able help from expert consultants bring you to compliance, but will keep you in compliance. In fact, online systems and tools will bring your H&S program alive. By alive, we mean you can monitor your program in real time.

Therefore, you can make all the necessary fixes and take a highly proactive approach towards workplace safety. You can map your job hazard analysis with an online safety system. They will make the life your site staff easier since they don’t have to swim through tonnes of paperwork.

An experienced COR assistance partner will help make the COR process in Ontario easier

COR certification in Ontario has 19 elements compared with 13 by other provinces. Therefore, 6 additional elements mean more leg-work for your people. Moreover, they will have to maintain the required OHS paperwork. It does not end here. COR process involves conducting thorough risk assessments, drafting SJPs, conducting interviews, etc.

By appointing an expert COR consultant, you can make your people focus more on the key business areas. In fact, the COR consultants will do all the leg-work for you and be with you right through your COR journey. Moreover, they will help you drafting your policies and procedures in COR compliance. Further, they will help you submit the internal audit. They will provide you with vital support during visits by a Ministry of Labour inspector.

Implementing COR as a STRATEGY, not just as a TACTIC for bidding

The key thing to remember while implementing COR is to do it as a business strategy. The most undesirable attitude that you can take is to view COR as just another bidding tactic. COR certification is a process for consistency throughout the organization.

The best way to begin COR is by looking closely at the requirements for each COR element. This is crucial for setting up an efficient process that you will follow to capture and maintain the information. This clearly shows why COR is a business strategy. COR audit looks at your working system and proof of documentation. This will be pertaining to all the activities that happen at different sites belonging to your organization.


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