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Health and Safety Consulting and Systems:

4S will support AMO members with a Guaranteed AMO Member Discount of 15% for the wide range of OHS consulting services offered by 4S Consulting. Our consulting services include:

Safety Compliance Review / Gap analysis

Following are the key deliverables for the Safety Compliance Review / Gap Analysis:

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Step 1: Compliance Inspection & Review:

Comprehensive Safety Compliance Audit of municipalities will be conducted. The current policies and procedures of municipalities will be reviewed along with site inspections.

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Step 2: Compliance Review Report & Recommendations:

A detailed report will be presented with all the findings of the audit to the key management team members of the municipalities for review. If there are gaps in the municipalities’ safety program for Ontario or OHSA non-compliance issues, then recommendations will be made in the order of priority as well as a roadmap indicating the opportunities for improvement.

Basic Consulting

The consulting services provided by 4S will include developing the H&S manual, safe operating procedures (SOPs), site inspections, mentoring of teams, attending JHSC meetings, conducting gap analysis, and performing risk assessment, among other services.

Job Hazard Assessment (JHA) / Risk Assessment

The Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) or Hazard Assessment is the backbone of a health and safety program. The JHA gives the basis on how jobs are to be done in a safe, efficient, and consistent manner. The end result of a JHA is the determination of the hazards workers are exposed to and the means by which they are mitigated at the municipalities. The program is the means by which the results of the Hazard Analysis are implemented and managed at the municipalities. As part of the JHA phase, the Risk Assessment for workplace violence will also be completed for municipalities.

Systems Implementation

In this stage, 4Safecom™ Safety Training and Management System will be implemented for the municipalities to bring their program alive by accomplishing the following:

  • Store and manage all employee training and qualifications as well as alert department/location-wise coordinators and management on expired training to ensure training is done in a proactive manner.
  • Capture and store all accident and incident information, track employee issues such as disciplinary, poor workmanship, and injuries.
  • All checklists and inspections developed as part of the Risk Assessment, safe operating procedures will be uploaded and configured to send alerts to all the relevant workplace parties at the municipalities.
  • Configure the escalation process to report on outstanding actions in the field that have not been attended within the accepted time for incidents and inspection, equipment failure, etc.
  • Training on the 4SafeCom™ Safety Training and Management System to key employees of the municipalities will be provided.

Technical support will be available 24-7. There will be dedicated technical support experts and safety consultants available to support the employees of the municipalities. The 4SafeCom™ Safety Training and Management System will be set up, configured as a single system with required health and safety reports, inspections for a pre-decided number of user access per year.

Why 4S?

4S will be working with for each of the municipalities’ administration/safety department to ensure all the documentation for the Job Hazard Analysis and Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs) are developed. 4S will take the lead on developing the documents for the JHAs and SOPs, while details, instructions, and review will come from each of the municipalities. 4S will be responsible for putting all the documents together.


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