4S Methodology

4S methodology will help you build your sustainable health and safety program based on the following three pillars:

4S Methodology 

Innovative Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Consultant

4S is the only innovative workplace safety service provider that helps clients build a strong and sustainable safety culture. As per our methodology, we adopt a revolutionary approach of tightly integrating technology, consulting, and training from senior management to frontline workers of our clients. This has been making a big difference for our clients with regards to building a sustainable safety culture. 4S clients include large Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, and companies of different sizes and industries in Canada.

As a Canadian occupational health and safety service provider, 4S helps clients build strong, sustainable programs.

4SafeCom™ Safety Training and Management System

4Safecom™ Safety Training and Management System can help employers bring their program alive by accomplishing the following:

  • Provide online training with the access to more than 80 courses in multiple languages
  • Supply QR Coded Cards to facilitate onsite verification of training records and OHS documents
  • Create and manage your Job Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment
  • Get your employees to review and acknowledge your policies & procedures to prove workplace safety due diligence
  • Assign to-do list and track progress of action items based on location/supervisor/employee
  • Conduct and share online workplace inspections, hazard reports, toolbox talks, etc.
  • Record and manage incidents and claims easily and effectively
  • Upload existing training records, other corporate reference documents, and training videos
  • Manage your health and safety tasks effectively through multiple dashboards
  • Run weekly or bi-weekly training matrix reports on all courses, hazard assessments, and safe job procedures
  • Manage employee profiles, their time-off requests, and timesheets easily
  • Enjoy cloud based database management with technical support available 24/7

Technical support is available 24-7. You will have dedicated technical support experts and safety consultants available to support your employees. The 4SafeCom™ Safety Training and Management System will be configured with the required health and safety reports, online trainings, and inspection forms. Employees’ access to the system will be based on a pre-decided number of users per year.

OHS Consulting

As an occupational health and safety service provider, 4S will:

  • Develop the H&S manual
  • Write Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Conduct Site inspections
  • Mentor teams and attend Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) meetings
  • Conduct safety compliance audits/gap analysis
  • Perform risk assessment

4S specializes in preparing a detailed Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) or Hazard Assessment.

Hazard Assessment is the backbone of a health and safety program. The JHA gives the basis on how jobs are to be done in a safe, efficient, and consistent manner. Employers perform a JHA to determine the hazards workers are exposed to, and the means by which they can be mitigated. Employers implement and manage the results of the hazard analysis, based on the sustainable program that they have built. As part of the JHA phase, 4S will complete the risk assessment for workplace violence for the employer.


4S is a Chief Prevention Office (CPO)-approved training provider for the Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC) and Working at Heights (WAH) training, which includes full and refresher training. Be it public or in-class OHS training for all the hazard-specific and other OHS trainings, 4S always supports its clients.

4S has an extensive OHS training library comprising more than 80 online trainings such as ladder safety, workplace inspection, lock-out, electrical safety, fire safety, and accident investigation. The library has online trainings available in multiple languages.

The 4S methodology that uses the three-pillars model helps us make our clients’ journey from compliance to culture easy and effective. Thus, we help our clients to be in compliance and stay in compliance.

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