Are you COR™ certified?

A Good Opportunity To Meet & Learn More About Timelines and Process For COR™ From Top Ontario Buyers 

Understand how top buyers and authorities are using COR™ to qualify companies and contractors that work on their major projects.

4S Consulting would like to invite you to the “COR Ontario Top Buyers Summit”, which will be held on Thursday, May 23, 2019 at the GTAA’s FESTI (Fire & Emergency Services Training Institute) between 8 am to 11:45 am.

Speaker Panel Includes:

  • Craig Sechiari (H.N. Dip.), Construction Director, Infrastructure Ontario, Project Delivery
  • Sabrina Dipietro, Acting Manager of Construction Services, City of Toronto
  • Michael Nieznalski, Manager – Safety & Security at TTC – Engineering, Construction and Expansion Group
  • Paul Casey, Vice President, Programs and Strategic Development at Infrastructure Health & Safety Association
  • Metrolinx – Invited
  • GTAA – Invited

Purpose of the COR Summit:

  • Provide information on what top buyers in Ontario, such as IO (Infrastructure Ontario), City of Toronto, TTC, GTAA, and Metrolinx, are expecting from their contractors and subcontractors with regards to COR Accreditation and Safety program requirements.
  • IHSA will be presenting on COR timeline and the process.
  • Attendees can participate in a moderated panel discussion with the speakers to discuss key topics such as timelines, bidding requirements, expectations, different stakeholder perspectives, etc. pertaining to COR.

With every passing day, GCs and subcontractors are discovering that they are no longer able to participate on bids on projects of top buyers since they are not COR accredited, resulting in hundreds to millions of dollars of revenue loss.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn why COR™ matters to top buyers and authorities.
  • Understand why being COR™ certified puts you at an advantage.
  • Tune into industry best practices for COR™.
  • Engage experts that have achieved and managed COR™ certification.
  • Use COR™ as a foundation to build a robust Health and Safety culture.

**Limited to 65 Seats** **Only 30 Seats Remaining**

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