4S Classroom Training Under COVID-19

4S classroom training is back in action

During COVID-19, we have modified our delivery for all our Working at Heights, Forklift, and other classroom sessions by offering them through distance learning or e-learning modules, as required and possible.

Where ever practical training is mandatory, we will continue to offer them in-class. However, we have implemented strict preventative measures for COVID-19 to ensure your team’s safety.

Google Reviews of our participants

Nothing matter to us more than the safety of our training participants and our trainer. Moreover, nothing motivates us more than the precious words of appreciation of our training participants. Your words inspire us to strive harder towards your safety.

Here’s what our training participants feel about our classroom training under strict COVID-19 protocols: 

Tony Holder

“Had the course with Peter. He was very informative and knowledgeable. The class was a maximum of 4 students well over 6 feet distance apart. I felt comfortable still being able to learn during this covid time.”

D Heath

“We had Peter Eindhoven. I learned way more from him than I had learned in my previous working at heights course. I strongly recommend 4s. Ps: I did the course during the covid19 pandemic. I was impressed and felt safe with the spacing and how clean the classroom was.”

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4S Consulting has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Ontario. Both the federal and provincial governments are making significant interventions in response to COVID-19 and these changes are in turn forcing businesses to rapidly adjust while trying to navigate the resulting financial and operational challenges.

4S Consulting is here to help.

We understand the importance of health and safety training for businesses during this time, especially when businesses are forced to run lean operations and having trained and skilled personnel is of utmost importance for business continuity.

To support businesses in this regard, 4S Consulting has commenced classroom training thanks to the persistent hard work & efforts of our 4S team from April 24, 2020.

Our first training was conducted successfully ensuring full safety if our trainer and the participants.

What we are doing to protect you and our trainer?

We have implemented several new preventive measures to safeguard participants during classroom sessions including:

  • Reduced class sizes to maintain 2 metres between participants
  • Guided equipment training without direct contact with other participants or the instructor
  • Increased access to hand hygiene
  • Administering health screening questionnaires prior to starting the training
  • Following strict protocols on frequent cleaning and disinfection.

For more info on private training, other training available, and our COVID-19 protocols, write to

4S offers distance learning and blended training options

4S offers distance learning and blended training options

For more information, write to .

COVID-19 Pricing For Public Training Sessions:

Training ModulePricing**
Blended Working at Heights
Certification (Part 1: Theory Online; Part 2: Practical Training In-Class)
$165.00 per person
Working at Heights
Refresher Training (Only Part 2: Practical Training In-Class)**
$125.00 per person

**Please Note:

  1. Pricing subject to change without notice. These rates are applicable during the current COVID-19 pandemic and subject to change as the situation evolves.
  2. To be eligible for WAH Refresher course participant needs to either:
    • Show proof of successful completion of  expired full WAH certification training under the new standard; OR
    • Successfully pass WAH Part 1: Theory Online

Private Training Sessions Available

We also have the private training option available for:

  • Working at heights (onsite or 4S training center private session)
  • Forklift (onsite private session)
  • Scissor lift (onsite private session)
  • Boom lift (onsite private session)
  • Elevated work platforms (onsite private session. Please specify details in the comments column)
  • Confined spaces (onsite or 4S training center private session)
  • Spill response (onsite or 4S training center private session)
  • Other training (onsite private session. Please specify details in the comments column)

For more info on cost and dates for private training sessions, write to training@4sconsult.com

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